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Top 10 Best Cricket Betting Sites In India 2021

Best Cricket Betting Sites In India

Cricket is a sport played by bat and ball between two teams of eleven players each. The game is played on a pitch of 22 yards which is located in the center of the ground. There is a batting side and a bowling side involved. Two batsmen are present on the field at any moment one at the striker’s end who hits the ball bowled by the bowler and the other at the nonstrikers end who runs when the striker end hits the ball. The fielding team has to stop the ball and stop the batting side from scoring runs and get the batsman out. Check Top 10 Best Cricket Betting Sites In India 2021.

What is Cricket Betting?

Cricket betting means to predict the outcome or results of a match or any event and make money out of it. It can be done by predicting the whole match results or predicting the scores of the team in a given time period.

Best Cricket Betting Sites In India

Here are some events on which people place their bets:

The Whole Match– This is the most common type of betting where the bettor bets on the final outcome of the match, that is whether the home team will win, the away team will win or the match will end in a draw.

Bowler– Bettors place their bets on particular bowlers that they think will take maximum no. Of Wickets in the match or series and make money out of it.

Batsman– Bettors select one batsman from the team who they think can score maximum runs and place their bets.

Events– In this type of Betting, Bettors place theirs on events such as hitting a Six on the next ball, falling off a Wicket on a particular ball, batsman getting out by a certain bowler, and many more.

Match Scores– In these types of bets, players usually predict the scores of the batting side after the first innings.

Series– In this Bettors bet on the final score of the series played between the team.

Toss– In this you have to place the bet on the team which will win the toss.

Man of the Match/Series– In this bets are placed on who can possibly be the man of the match/ series.

Top 10 Best Cricket Betting Sites In India 2021

If you are fascinated by betting and thinking of trying your luck, don’t worry, here are some sites that might help you.

RankName Ratings
10Royal Panda8/10

Some Merits of Using These Sites

  • They provide with huge sign up bonuses to their new customers and if you continue on their sites they give you discounts and various offers frequently.
  • They accept UPI, phonepe , gpay and other medium for deposits which is frequently used by Indians.
  • Withdrawal process is also very Easy if you are KYC verified customers.
  • Some sites provide with live streaming so that real time bettors can place their bets. They also keep you updated with the scores and Stats.
  • Some sites provide you with previous match stats so that you can place your bets right.
  • Cricket is a sport that is growing very fast and is becoming popular worldwide. Some Sites offer betting on local Leagues of countries where Cricket is not that much popular. There risk is comparatively less and more profit can be earned.

Is Cricket Betting legal in India?

This is a bit confusing because there isn’t a law that defines the legality of betting for the whole country. In some states, it is legal whereas in some it isn’t. Due to this, there’s confusion that whether betting is legal or not. The government is however against this practice and is strictly against the people who are practicing it.

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