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10 Best Football Betting Sites In India 2021

Best Football Betting Sites In India

Football is a widely followed sport around the world. Professional footballers are the most highly paid athletes amongst other sports. Football has many variations such as Futsal, Beach Soccer, Walking Football, and many more. Football grew in India later, but the craze for football is like no other. Apart from playing football and watching matches, online betting on football is another fun way for fans to explore the sport.

Sports betting is like predicting the results of a game and placing an amount on the outcome. Football is one of the most popular sports to bet on in India. There are many sites that claim to be the best betting sites for football in India. So take a look at the 10 Best Football Betting Sites In India 2021.

10 Best Football Betting Sites In India 2021

Take a look at the top 10 sites reliable sites that can be used for betting and prediction of football in India. The sites offer different services. Bet365 is ranked the top best site for betting in India. It is given the ranking of 98/100 which is an excellent score. Users have also mentioned their views and opinions on the App Store and Playstore.

Best Football Betting Sites In India

Check out the entire list as per 2021 rankings here.

Rank Name of the site Ratings 
3Pure win96/100
5Leon 94/100
6LeoVeags Sports93/100
7Cyber Bet92/100
810Cric91/100 Sport90/100
10Betway Sports 89/100

Betting of Football in India: All about it

In India, betting has created a lot of controversies before. It was prohibited and looked down upon as gambling. However, with revised rules and Acts, it was up to different states of India to approve betting in their area. The majority of states have not made legislation of online betting in India illegal, provided that the booker is based outside India and holds an international license.

So, the rest is assured that the best betting sites for football in India are legitimate and reliable for potential bettors.

Online betting for Football: What you need to know?

Betting on football online offers immense flexibility, as you have a vast selection of matches to choose from. The selection includes different Leagues and tournaments that occur all year round such as – Super League of India, England’s Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, the Serie A of Italy, or even the Bundesliga of Germany.

By studying the football match statistics, learning about the matches, and, of course, watching the football matches, you can significantly enhance your chances of winning your bets with the best bookmaker for football.

Football betting Promotions and special Offers

The boost of online betting and prediction by different sites has made potential users get attracted to use their site by availing of special offers. The competition nowadays is immense, that companies have to come up with different strategies and offers every day to stand out and grasp the attention of new users.

There are many offers such as No deposit, Free bet bonuses, Acca Insurance, Money-back Special. Take a look at it briefly so that you get complete knowledge before making a haste decision.

Acca Insurance – It provides safety cover, which sees football fans refunded on their accumulator stakes in the event of just one of their selections letting the bet down. 

Free bets– this is a sugarcoat that is extensively used by betting sites to attract new users. Free bets act like a loyalty reward and encouragement to repeat bettors’ visits.

Money-back Specials– this is a commonly used trick used by bookmakers that involves returning the stake back to the customers in case of a game ends goalless.

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