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Coppa Italia

Coppa Italia Fixtures 2021/22, Participating Teams, All you need to know

Coppa Italia Fixtures 2021/22, Participating Teams, All you need to know

Coppa Italia is a professional national football tournament based in Italy. It is the 75th National football Cup being conducted this year. However, the participating teams have been reduced from 78 to 44 clubs for this year. The tournament commences on 8th August and will conclude on 11th May 2022. Check Coppa Italia Fixtures 2021/22, Participating Teams, All you need to know.

All 44 clubs are divided into 3 groups Serie A, Band C. Serie A has a total of 20 clubs. Serie B has a total of 20 clubs and Serie C has a total of 4 clubs. So let’s check out the Coppa Italia Fixtures 2021/22 and Participating Teams.

Coppa Italia Fixtures 2021/22, Participating Teams, All you need to know

Coppa Italia 2021/22 Groups and format

As per this year, the clubs are classified into 3 groups, the tournament will take place in 2 phases which are further narrowed down to rounds.

  • First phase – 3 rounds 
    • Preliminary round: 4 teams from Serie C and 4 Serie B teams start the tournament.
    • First round: the 4 winners are joined by 16 Serie B teams and 12 teams from Serie A.
    • Second round: the 16 winners face each other.
  • Second phase
    • Round of 16 (one-legged): the 8 winners are joined by Serie A clubs, seeded 1–8
    • Quarter-finals (one-legged): the 8 winners face each other
    • Semi-finals (two-legged): the 4 winners face each other
    • Final (one-legged): the 2 winners face each other

Coppa Italia Fixtures 2021/22

Preliminary Round – here is the schedule for the first phase.

DateTeam 1Team 2
08-08-2021TernanaVirtus Entella

First Round-The dates for the round have not yet been finalized. However, the temporary schedule is provided to you. We will give you the entire final list once it is announced.

2021Sampdoria (1)Match 5Winner match 1
2021Torino (1)Match 6Vicenza (2)
2021Cagliari (1)Match 7Cremonese (2)
2021Cittadella (2)Match 8Monza (2)
2021Fiorentina (1)Match 9Ascoli (2)
2021Benevento (2)Match 10Chievo (2)
2021Venezia (1)Match 11SPAL (2)
2021Bologna (1)Match 12Winner match 2
2021Genoa (1)Match 13Winner match 3
2021Salernitana (1)Match 14Frosinone (2)
2021Udinese (1)Match 15Pordenone (2)
2021Crotone (2)Match 16Brescia (2)
2021Spezia (1)Match 17Pisa (2)
2021Parma (2)Match 18Lecce (2)
2021Empoli (1)Match 19Reggina (2)
2021Hellas Verona (1)Match 20Winner match 4

Second Round-The winners of the first round, 16 teams will compete in the second round After this only 8 teams that win will proceed towards the next phase Round 16.

2021Winner match 5Match 21Winner match 6
2021Winner match 7Match 22Winner match 8
2021Winner match 9Match 23Winner match 10
2021Winner match 11Match 24Winner match 12
2021Winner match 13Match 25Winner match 14
2021Winner match 15Match 26Winner match 16
2021Winner match 17Match 27Winner match 18
2021Winner match 19Match 28Winner match 20

Coppa Italia Rounds 2021-22

The Coppa Italia will be conducting its season on the basis of rounds. This was announced on 12th July The rounds consists of Preliminary, first and second. This will be during the period of 8- 15 August 2021. Here are the details of the same.

PhaseRoundFirst Leg & Second Leg
First StagePreliminary round08 August 2021
First StageFirst Round15 August 2021
First StageSecond Round15 December 2021
Final StageRound of 1612-19 January 2022
Final StageQuarter-finals9 February 2022
Final StageSemi-Finals2 March 2022 (First leg)
20 April 2022 (Second leg)
Final StageFinals11 May 2022

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