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Dak Prescott Net Worth, Contract, Salary

Dak Prescott Net Worth

Rayne Dakota Prescott, popularly known as Dak Prescott, is an American footballer who plays for the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League in America as a quarter back. In this piece, we take a look at Dak Prescott’s net worth, contract, salary, and his closest people.

Dak Prescott net worth and contract

Dak Prescott is amongst the most popular football player’s in NFL. He has a net worth of $40 million. He earns a salary of $600,000 as of 2021. On March 8th, 2021, Dak and the Cowboys had signed a contract stating a four-year extension with $160 million. The contract also included an extra $66 million signing bonus.

Dak Prescott had agreed to a 4-12 months, $160 million arrangement. Prescott acquired a $66 million signing bonus, along with $126 million in guarantees. He has $95 million changed into completely assured at signing.

Who is Dak Prescott’s girlfriend?

Dak Prescott has had many girlfriends in his past. He began dating a girl named Kayla Puzas in the year 2014, however, they ended their relationship in 2015. Later In September 2016, he met supermodel Yasmine Nicole. Things did not work out for them as well so they parted their ways. Then he dated Michelle Game, an NBA Player, in 2017.

Prescott is  currently dating Natalie Buffet. They made their relationship public in July 2020.

Who are the brothers and sisters of Dak Prescott?

Prescott is the youngest sibling. He had two older brothers, Tad and Jace, and a sister, Natalie Prescott-Smith. He also has an older half-brother, Elliott Prescott, from his father’s previous marriage. In 2020, Prescott revealed that his oldest brother, Jace, had died by suicide.

Dak Prescott injury

Dak Prescott suffered from a serious ankle injury in Week 6 of last season. Prescott had gone out the window while facing his football mortality. His team Dallas Cowboys rewarded him with a lucrative long-term contract regardless of the injury because they had faith in him to put every effort into coming back better than ever, not taking any snap for granted.

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