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‘Engage in some retrospection’ – Sunil Gavaskar wants Rishabh Pant to focus even after winning 3rd T20I

Rishabh Pant, the current captain of the Indian cricket team, was criticised by Sunil Gavaskar, a former Indian opening batsman, for not putting enough emphasis on improving his personal batting technique and instead concentrating only on his role as captain. After starting the series with two consecutive defeats in the Twenty20 internationals, India was able to redeem themselves in the third match against South Africa. Despite the fact that Pant’s leadership seemed to be in much better shape during the game against Vizag, his batting difficulties have not yet been resolved.

Pant did not have a very successful Indian Premier League season with the Delhi Capitals this year. He did not score a single half-century during the whole tournament, and he was unable to lead his team to the playoffs. Both of these things contributed to the team’s inability to advance. Even though he is still relatively inexperienced as an international captain, concerns have been raised about Pant’s lacklustre performance with the bat. When scoring 29 and 5 in the first two games, respectively, the referee decided to kick him out of the tournament after he made an 8-ball 6 in the third game.

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When you are in charge of a team, you often find that you neglect to focus on your own performance: Sunil Gavaskar

Gavaskar said that one of the reasons for his unhappiness with Rishabh Pant is the expectation that he would deliver entertainment with sixes and boundaries every time he comes to the crease. This is one of the reasons why Gavaskar has been disappointed with Pant. He added that Pant has to evaluate his own game, which is something that Pant often forgets to do when serving as captain, and he advised that Pant get his opinions on the hitting element.

“However, what he needs to do is engage in some introspection. When you are in charge of a team as the captain, you often find that you do not focus on your personal performance. You are considering how the other players are playing the game. You seem to have forgotten that there may be a problem with either the method you take to hitting or some technical aspect of your own batting. That is the condition under which he will be required to take a seat.

Gavaskar also said that Pant would have two days to evaluate his performance before the fourth game, which will take place on June 17. Gavaskar believed that Pant will be somewhat less pressured following their victory in the game before that.

“At this point, he has two days. First and foremost, the fact that India triumphed would make him feel a great deal better. That teeny-tiny amount of pressure has been relieved. Even though you still need to win the next two matches, the fact that India has won should provide him with some relaxation, allowing him to focus on his own batting now,” he continued.

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