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‘Every international team would want him’: Spinx reveals playing alongside ZywOo was a factor in switch from ENCE to Vitality

Lotan “Spinx” Giladi, the 22-year-old Israeli CS: GO star who recently switched teams from ENCE to Vitality, has revealed to HLTV why he made the decision to switch this off-season. Spinx stated that Vitality’s partnership with BLAST was a significant factor but it was mostly to do with winning a trophy and playing along with the likes of ZyWoo.

“They have players like ZywOo, and we all know ZywOo, right? Every international team would want him. Of course, they have a lot of really, really experienced players, and I thought it would be good for me. I just thought to myself that it would be a better chance to win a trophy. That’s the most important thing, after all,” Spinx revealed.

Spinx has already made his debut for Vitality in the BLAST Premier Fall Groups in a group that includes Astralis, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and OG. Vitality’s gain was ENCE’s loss and it’ll take a while for the latter to move on from him. Spinx was excellent for ENCE in the first half of the season and currently has a rating of 1.16 in a little less than a month since joining Vitality. His performances when ENCE finished in the top-four at PGL Antwerp Major in May and a second in the ESL Pro League season 15 back in April must have surely caught Vitality’s eye.

Vitality haven’t started the year well

Vitality are currently ranked 5th in the world according the HLTV rankings and will be hoping that Spinx can push them even further up the rankings while also getting them over the line in the biggest matches and tournaments against the toughest of opponents. Vitality were poor by their own high standards for the first half of the year. They made a lot of changes to the roster by adding a new head coach, zonic, along with dupreeh and Magisk from Astralis.

It might take some time for the team to function cohesively but adding Spinx has definitely uplifted the team and added some much-needed quality to Vitality’s roster. Spinx has got some great stats through the years which confirms his status as one of the best young players on the CS: GO circuit. He has a K/D ratio of 1.14, deals 78.7 damage per round, averages 0.74 kills per round, 0.11 assists per round and 0.65 deaths per round.

Even the best have scope for improvement and Spinx will be well aware that this applies to him as well. It’ll be very interesting to see how all these new members link up with ZywOo, who remains the top dog in this team. Spinx had a major role in his previous team and will have to play second fiddle to ZywOo. From his interview for HLTV, it seems like he was aware of that before joining and has almost welcomed it.

An esports career isn’t the longest and tough decisions have to be made to progress as an individual. Spinx has reiterated that it wasn’t an easy decision to leave ENCE as he’s made great friends there over the years. The pressure is going to be on him and his teammates to validate the move

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