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FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 European Qualifiers List

FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 European Qualifiers List

The FIBA Basketball World Cup is an international basketball competition contested by National men’s teams of the members of FIBA which is the Basketballs governing body. World Cup is the flagship event of FIBA. Check FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 European Qualifiers List.

The event was first played in 1950, the winning team is presented with the Naismith Trophy. 32 teams participate in the event in which Spain is the Current winner and USA and Yugoslavia are the most successful teams with 5 titles each.

2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup will be 19th edition of competition. The event will be hosted by Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia from August 25 to September 10, 2023. It will be Qualification round for 2024 Olympics.

The 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup qualification in Europe started in October 2020 and will go on till February 2023. 39 teams will be playing against each other to qualify for the World Cup in 2023.

FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 European Qualifiers List

FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 European Qualifiers List

The qualification round will take place in two parts.

Pre Qualifiers in which eight Teams took part in the first round and 12 teams in the second round which includ the first four teams from the first round.

Qualifiers in which 32 teams took part in the first round and 24 teams will be qualified for second round and 12 teams from second round will qualify for the World cup.

The draw for the first round was held on 31 August 2021 in Mies, Switzerland.

Complete schedule and team list for first round

Group A





25 November 2021Slovakia vs Belgium
25 November 2021Serbia vs Latvia
28 November 2021Latvia vs Slovakia
28 November 2021Serbia vs Belgium
25 February 2022Belgiumbvs Latvia
25 February 2022Serbia vs Slovakia
28 February 2022Latvia vs Belgium
28 February 2022Slovakia vs Serbia
30 June 2022Latvia vs Serbia
30 June 2022Belgium vs Slovakia
3 July 2022Slovakia vs Latvia
3 July 2022Serbia vs Belgium

Group B


Great Britain



25 November 2021Belarus vs Turkey
25 November 2021Great Britain vs Greece
28 November 2021Turkey vs Great Britain
28 November 2021Greece vs Belarus
25 February 2022Belarus vs Great Britain
25 February 2022Greece vs Turkey
28 February 2022Turkey vs Greece
28 February 2022Great Britain vs Belarus
30 June 2022Turkey vs Belarus
30 June 2022Greece vs Great Britain
3 July 2022Belarus vs Greece
3 July 2022Great Britain vs Turkey

Group C





25 November 2021Sweden vs Finland
25 November 2021Croatia vs Slovenia
28 November 2021Slovenia vs Sweden
28 November 2021Finland vs Croatia
25 February 2022Finland vs Slovenia
25 February 2022Croatia vs Sweden
28 February 2022Slovenia vs Finland
28 February 2022Sweden vs Croatia
30 June 2022Slovania vs Sweden
30 June 2022Finland vs Croatia
3 July 2022Sweden vs Slovenia
3 July 2022Croatia vs Finland

Group D





25 November 2021Israel vs Poland
25 November 2021Germany vs Estonia
28 November 2021Estonia vs Israel
28 November 2021Poland vs Germany
25 February 2022Estonia vs Poland
25 February 2022Israel vs Germany
28 February 2022Poland vs Estonia
25 February 2022Germany vs Israel
30 June 2022Estonia vs Germany
30 June 2022Poland vs Israel
3 July 2022Israel vs Estonia
3 July 2022Germany vs Poland

Group E





26 November 2021Portugal vs Hungary
26 November 2021France vs Montenegro
29 November 2021Hugary vs France
29 November 2021Montenegro vs Portugal
24 February 2022Hungary vs Montenegro
24 February 2022France vs Portugal
27 February 2022Portugal vs France
27 February 2022Montenegro vs Hungary
1 July 2022Hungary vs Portugal
1 July 2022Montenegro vs France
4 July 2022Portugal vs Montenegro
4 July 2022France vs Hungary

Group F

Bosnia and Herzegovina



Czech Republic

26 November 2021Lithuania vs Bulgaria
26 November 2021Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Czech republic
29 November 2021Bulgaria vs Bosnia and Herzegovina
29 November 2021Czech republic vs Lithuania
24 February 2022Bulgaria vs Czech Republic
24 February 2022Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Lithuania
27 February 2022Lithuania vs Bosnia and Herzegovina
27 February 2022Czech Republic vs Bulgaria
1 July 2022Bulgaria vs Lithuania
1 July 2022Czech Republic vs Bosnia and Herzegovina
4 July 2022Lithuania vs Czech Republic
4 July 2022Bosania and Herzegovina vs Bulgaria

Group G


North Macedonia



26 November 2021Georgia vs Ukraine
26 November 2021North Macedonia vs Spain
29 November 2021Spain vs Georgia
29 November 2021Ukraine vs North Macedonia
24 February 2022Spain vs Ukraine
24 February 2022Georgia vs North Macedonia
27 February 2022Ukraine vs Spain
27 February 2022North Macedonia vs Georgia
1 July 2022Spain vs North Macedonia
1 July 2022Ukraine vs Georgia
4 July 2022Georgia vs Spain
4 July 2022North Macedonia vs Ukraine

Group H





26 November 2021Netherlands vs Iceland
26 November 2021Russia vs Italy
29 November 2021Iceland vs Russia
29 November 2021Italy vs Netherlands
24 February 2022Iceland vs Italy
24 February 2022Russia vs Netherlands
27 February 2022Netherlands vs Russia
27 February 2022Italy vs Iceland
1 July 2022Iceland vs Netherlands
1 July 2022Italy vs Russia
4 July 2022Netherlands vs Italy
4 July 2022Russia vs Iceland

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