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Hong Kong Team Players Salary, Rules, Central Contract 2021-22, Highest Paid Cricketers

Hong Kong Team Players Salary

The Hong Kong national cricket team is the team that represents independent Hong Kong in international competition. in 2014, Hong Kong gained One-Day International status, which will carry on till 2018. Hong Kong also played in the ICC World T20 2014. Hong Kong Has 0played in every World Cup Qualifier by ICC. Check out Hong Kong Team Players Salary, Rules, Central Contract 2021-22, Highest Paid Cricketers.

Hong Kong is administered by Cricket Hong Kong. It is the governing body of the sport in Hong Kong, headquartered at So Kon Po Causeway Bay. The Team plays all its matches at its home ground in Mission Road Ground. So check out the details of the team, Hong Kong Team Players Salary, Rules, Central Contract 2021-22, Highest Paid Cricketers.

Hong Kong Team Players Salary, Rules, Central Contract, Highest Paid Cricketers

Hong Kong Team Players Salary And Rules

A central Contract is a deed for the active players of a team that incorporates the income of each player. Hong Kong Cricket team is governed by the Cricket Hong Kong. The Association regulates all the financial statutes and marketing of the national team. There has not been any update by the Cricket Association of Hong Kong for the Central Contract.

Take a look at the list of players that represent the team Hong Kong at international Cricket. There are 2 sets of list for ODI and T20. The list is as per 2018, the list has not been updated yet, however take a look at it.

For ODI :

No.Name of the playerFirst matchLast match
1Afzaal Haider20042008
2Manoj Cheruparambil20042004
3Alexander French20042004
4Ilyas Gul20042004
5Khalid Khan20042004
6Sher Lama20042004
7Roy Lamsam20042008
8Najeeb Amar20042008
9 Rahul Sharma 20042004
10 Tim Smart 20042004
11 Tabarak Dar 20042008
12Nadeem Ahmed20042018
13 Nasir Hameed 20042004
14 Jamie Atkinson 20082017
15Hussain Butt20082008
16Irfan Ahmed20082014
17Courtney Kruger20082008
18Munir Dar20082008
19Skhawat Ali20082014
20Zain Abbas20082008
21Ankur Vasishta20142014
22 Babar Hayat 20142018
23Ehsan Nawaz20142018
24Haseeb Amjad20142016
25Nizakat Khan20142018
26 Tanwir Afzal 20142018
27Waqas Barkat20142018
28Aizaz Khan20142018
29 Anshuman Rath 20142018
30Kinchit Shah20142018
31 Christopher Carter 20152018
32Mark Chapman120152015
33Waqas Khan20152017
34Ishtiaq Muhammad20162016
35Ehsan Khan20162018
36Shahid Wasif20162018
37Tanveer Ahmed20162018
38Kyle Christie20162016
39Cameron McAuslan20172017
40 Scott McKechnie 20172018
41Simandeep Singh20182018

For T20 :

No.Name of the Players First Match Last Match
1 Aizaz Khan 20142020
2 Jamie Atkinson 20142020
3Babar Hayat20142017
4Mark Chapman120142016
5Haseeb Amjad20142016
6Irfan Ahmed20142015
7Nadeem Ahmed20142017
8Najeeb Amar20142014
9Nizakat Khan20142020
10 Tanwir Afzal 20142016
11Waqas Barkat20142020
12Munir Dar20142014
13Ehsan Nawaz20142017
14Anas Khan20142014
15 Kinchit Shah 20142020
16Waqas Khan20142020
17Anshuman Rath20152017
18 Christopher Carter 20152017
19Adil Mehmood20162016
20Tanveer Ahmed20162017
21Ryan Campbell20162016
22Ehsan Khan20162020
23Shahid Wasif20162020
24Ahsan Abbasi20192019
25 Aarush Bhagwat 20192019
26Kyle Christie20192019
27Haroon Arshad20192020
28 Scott McKechnie 20192020
29Nasrulla Rana20192020
30Mohammad Ghazanfar20192019
31Raag Kapur20192019
32Simandeep Singh20192019
33Aftab Hussain20202020
34Hamed Khan20202020
35Mohsin Khan20202020
36Hassan Khan Mohammad20202020

Hong Kong Team Central Contract 2021-22

Like mentioned above, Central Contract is a formal agreement between the Players of the team and the Association that specifies the terms, salaries and tenure of each players. New central Contracts have been declared by other boards like Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka. However, Hong Kong have not yet declared any such contract for its players.

We will give you an update about the same once we get the official news by sources, So stay tuned and turn on the notifications of our website.

Hong Kong Team Highest Paid Cricketer 2021-22

The highest paid cricketer for Netherlands cricket team is not yet known. Since the central contract is not been officially passed on the sources, it is difficult to analyze as to who is -highest paid cricketer in the team. We will update as soon as we get any information regarding the same.

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