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IPL 2022 Start Date, Schedule, Team List, Venue, No. Of Matches Will Be Played? And Latest News

IPL 2022 Start Date, Schedule, Team List, Venue, No. Of Matches Will Be Played? And Latest News

Indian Premier League had a successful fourteenth season this year, which was taken place in UAE. Now BCCI has announced that the new season will be scheduled next year in the months of March – April 2022, it hasn’t been finalized yet. The auction for IPL 2022 players is going to be held at the year-end, December. So take a look at the IPL 2022 Start Date, Schedule, Team List, Venue No. Of Matches Will Be Played? And Latest News.

BCCI has made a few changes in regards to the number of teams playing for the 15th IPL season 2022. There are a total of 10 teams that will be playing in the upcoming edition of IPL.

IPL 2022 Start Date, Schedule

BCCI, Board of Control for Cricket in India has tentatively said that the next season of IPL will begin from 27th March 2022. The series will conclude by 21 May 2022. There are going to be 10 teams this year that will be participating in IPL. The new teams are based in Lucknow and Ahmedabad. Let’s take a look at the tentative IPL 2022 Schedule.

Match NoMatch CenterDateTime
1MI  Vs RCB27-Mar-20227:30 PM
2CSK Vs  DC28-Mar-20227:30 PM
3SRH Vs  KKR29-Mar-20227:30 PM
4RR Vs  PBKS30-Mar-20227:30 PM
5KKR Vs  MI31-Mar-20227:30 PM
6SRH Vs RCB01-Apr-20227:30 PM
7RR  Vs DC02-Apr-20227:30 PM
8PBKS Vs  CSK03-Apr-20223:30 PM
9MI Vs  SRH03-Apr-20227:30 PM
10RCB Vs  KKR04-Apr-20227:30 PM
11DC Vs PBKS05-Apr-20227:30 PM
12CSK Vs  RR06-Apr-20227:30 PM
13DC Vs  MI07-Apr-20227:30 PM
14PBKS Vs  SRH08-Apr-20227:30 PM
15KKR Vs  CSK09-Apr-20227:30 PM
16RCB Vs RR10-Apr-20223:30 PM
17PBKS Vs  MI10-Apr-20227:30 PM
18RR Vs  KKR11-Apr-20227:30 PM
19CSK Vs  RCB12-Apr-20227:30 PM
20SRH Vs  DC13-Apr-20227:30 PM
21PBKS Vs  KKR14-Apr-20227:30 PM
22DC Vs  RCB15-Apr-20227:30 PM
23CSK Vs  SRH16-Apr-20227:30 PM
24MI Vs  RR17-Apr-20223:30 PM
25DC Vs  KKR17-Apr-20227:30 PM
26PBKS Vs  RCB18-Apr-20227:30 PM
27MI Vs  CSK19-Apr-20227:30 PM
28RR Vs  SRH20-Apr-20227:30 PM
29PBKS Vs  DC21-Apr-20227:30 PM
30KKR  Vs RCB22-Apr-20227:30 PM
31SRH Vs  MI23-Apr-20227:30 PM
32RR Vs  CSK24-Apr-20223:30 PM
33RCB Vs  PBKS24-Apr-20227:30 PM
34SRH Vs  CSK25-Apr-20227:30 PM
35KKR Vs  DC26-Apr-20227:30 PM
36RR Vs  MI27-Apr-20227:30 PM
37CSK Vs  PBKS28-Apr-20227:30 PM
38RCB Vs  SRH29-Apr-20227:30 PM
39MI Vs  KKR30-Apr-20227:30 PM
40DC Vs  RR01-May-20223:30 PM
41 CSK Vs  KKR01-May-20227:30 PM
42MI Vs  PBKS02-May-20227:30 PM
43SRH Vs  RR03-May-20227:30 PM
44RCB Vs  DC04-May-20227:30 PM
45KKR Vs  PBKS05-May-20227:30 PM
46RR Vs  RCB06-May-20227:30 PM
47CSK Vs  MI07-May-20227:30 PM
48DC Vs SRH08-May-20227:30 PM
49KKR Vs  RR08-May-20223:30 PM
50SRH Vs  PBKS09-May-20227:30 PM
51RCB Vs  MI10-May-20227:30 PM
52KKR Vs  SRH11-May-20227:30 PM
53DC Vs  CSK12-May-20227:30 PM
54PBKS Vs  RR13-May-20227:30 PM
55MI Vs  DC14-May-20223:30 PM
56RCB Vs  CSK15-May-20227:30 PM
57Qualifier-117-May-20227:30 PM
58Eliminator18-May-20227:30 PM
59Qualifier-219-May-20227:30 PM
60FINAL21-May-20227:30 PM

What is the Team List, Venue, No. Of Matches Will Be Played?

The 15th edition of IPL 2022 is going to be held in India. Unlike this year, some matches or half of the series will be hosted in-home cities of each team, that means Delhi, Mohali, Jaipur, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai along with two new cities possibly between Ahmedabad, Pune and Lucknow will get to host IPL 2022 games.

There are going to be 74 matches that will be played in IPL 2022. The game is as of now scheduled to begin from 27th March 2022 and will conclude by 21st May. For a period of 2.5 months the entire series will be played, this might also cause clashes amongst a few international cricket games.

The team list has not been declared yet, as the Mega Auction for IPL 2022 is going to take place in the month of December this year. There are 10 teams that will be playing this year as per BCCI, only four players can be retained from each team.

What is the Latest News regarding IPL 2022 ?

  • BCCI has decided to officially announce the names of the two teams on IPL 2022 on 25th October 2021.
  • The tickets fro IPL 2022 will be sold on and also on the Official site of IPL for the year 2022.
  • It is known as per sources that the final match of IPL 2022 will be held in Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad.

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