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Where to watch K7 kabaddi Stage Up 2021 Live Streaming Matches?

kabaddi Stage Up 2021 Live Streaming

Check Here Where to watch K7 kabaddi Stage Up 2021 Live Streaming?

Kabaddi was a rural sport played mostly in the northern states of India. However, it is now recognized as a professional sport all over the globe. the viewership for Kabaddi increases every year making it a huge success for the teams, players, and the organizers of the competition. K7 Kabaddi Stage competition is the Under-21 men’s kabaddi competition.

K7 Kabaddi Competition starts on 22nd July 2021. The entire competition will take place at Future Fighters Kabaddi Academy in Palra, Gurugram. The teams will face each other in a round-robin format, where they are split into 2 Pools, Pool A and Pool B. Moreover, let’s see how the teams will proceed and where to watch the live match.

kabaddi Stage Up 2021 Live Streaming

Where to watch K7 kabaddi Stage Up 2021 Live Streaming Matches?

Since K7 Kabaddi Stage up will not be telecasted live in India, there are other sources where we can watch the match by streaming it live on our devices. FanCode will be providing the live action of all the matches in the K7 league. They will stream on their website as well as on their app.

K7 Kabaddi Stage Up Tournament is a 17-day event, starting on July 22. It will feature 59 matches with more than 140 players and coaches participating from across Haryana. FanCode aims to bring back live kabaddi action to the fans who have been waiting for the sport to resume. You can also visit for the live scores and details of the entire match.

Format of k7 kabaddi stage up 2021

Since there are 10 teams, they will be split into 2 pools of 5 teams each. Pool A consists of Khokhar Kabaddi Academy, Bhaini School, NK Kabaddi Academy, Parveen, and Jasvir Panipat Kabaddi Academy, and Chhaju Ram Kabaddi Academy. Meanwhile, Pool B consists of Warriors Arena Kabaddi Academy, Amit Ashok Academy, Deepak Niwas Hooda Foundation, Narwal Golden Club, and Narwal Kabaddi & Sports Academy.

After winning the match pool wise only 3 teams from each group will move towards the Super 6 round. here teams will compete in a single-round robin format. the teams who win the Super 6 will advance towards the Playoffs comprising of Qualifier1, Eliminators, Qualifier 2, and then Finals.

Team Details Winners of the previous matches in k7 kabaddi stage up 2021

22nd July 2021

Match 1: Pool A -Bhaini School VS Chhaju Ram Kabaddi Academy

Bhaini School won the 1st match of the league against Chhaju ram Kabaddi Academy by 37 points.

Match 2: pool A- Khokhar Kabaddi Academy VS NK Kabaddi Academy

NK Kabaddi Academy won with 38 points. 24 points were scored by Khokhar Kabaddi Academy.

Match 3: Pool A- Parveen and Jasvir Panipat Kabaddi Academy VS Bhaini School

Parveen and Jasvir Panipat Kabaddi Academy won by 4 points.

Match 4: Pool A- Khokhar Kabaddi Academy VS  Chhaju Ram Kabaddi Academy 

The match was tied, both teams scoring 35 points

23rd July 2021

Match 5: Pool A- NK Kabaddi Academy VS  Parveen and Jasvir Panipat Kabaddi Academy.

The match was tied scoring 48 points each.

Match 6: Pool A- Bhaini School VS  Khokhar Kabaddi Academy.

Bhaini School won by 9 points against Khokhar Academy.

Match 7: Pool A- Chhaju Ram Kabaddi Academy VS NK Kabaddi Academy

51 runs were scored by NK Kabaddi Academy thus winning the match againt the former.

Match 8: Pool A- Khokhar Kabaddi Academy VS Parveen and Jasvir Panipat Kabaddi Academy.

Parveen and Jasvir Panipat Kabaddi Academy won by 20 points against the former.

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