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‘Don’t think it’s me’ – Kane Williamson answers questions whether he is the ideal captain

Kane Williamson Answers Questions Whether He Is The Ideal Captain

Kane Williamson, who has always maintained his cool and collected demeanour, has always been regarded as the ideal captain for any team. With the manner he has led New Zealand, as well as in the first-ever World Test Championship when he guided his side to a resounding win over India, there is no question about that.

Even though Williamson will be the Sunrisers Hyderabad’s skipper in the 15th season of the Indian Premier League, he does not regard himself in the same light as his supporters. For cricket fans, he is seen as the team’s ideal captain, similar to the perception that MS Dhoni held at the time of his appointment. Williamson, on the other hand, is in a very different frame of mind.

Williamson expressed his thoughts on the job of a captain with Boria Majumdar on his YouTube programme, ‘Backstage with Boria,’. ‘The ideal captain, I don’t believe exists. If there is, it’s most definitely not me. It is essentially a job and a task that must be met front on. While you can have your own ideas and philosophies, they must ultimately mesh with the collective voice. Then you try to find a place where you can operate in harmony,’ he said.

The outcome might be more unpredictable the shorter the event is, feels Kane Williamson

For the success of the New Zealand squad, he credited all of his teammates. He feels that every member of the group, whether it a player, team management, or support staff, has a part to play in the success of the captain. ‘I feel it is equally critical to surround yourself with really wonderful individuals who are deeply devoted to the cause and the shared objective. We definitely have that here in New Zealand, as there are a lot of leaders and support workers who play an important role as well,’ he said.

‘For us, how we function is tailored to the people and the environment in which we work. Every team is a little bit different. When you show up for the events, you never know what will happen. So many different things may happen on any given day. It is possible that the outcome of a shorter event would be more unpredictable,’ Williamson stated in his final remarks, stressing that their attention will be focused on the process and their evolution as a collective entity moving forward.

SRH, Williamson’s IPL team, released several key players ahead of the mega-auction. When the club rested David Warner last season and turned over the leadership to Williamson in the middle of the season, they received a great deal of criticism. When there is a slew of new players entering the league, it will be interesting to watch what plans and methods Williamson comes up with to go ahead in the league.

SRH will open their season against the Rajasthan Royals on March 29 at the MCA Stadium in Pune.

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