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KL Rahul talks about the moment when Kohli called him about captaincy

KL Rahul Reveals The Moment When Kohli Suddenly Told Him To Captain

KL Rahul, an Indian batsman, has remembered an event in which batting superstar Virat Kohli approached him and informed him that he would have to take over as captain of the Indian team. It was a complete surprise to Rahul. He said that he had not anticipated taking on such a significant amount of personal responsibility.

Rahul went on to say that he was the vice-captain of the Indian cricket team at the time. He was gradually preparing himself to take over as captain of the squad. Moreover, Rahul claimed that on the morning of the second Test match against the South African team, Kohli approached him and informed him that his back was not feeling well and that he could have to take over as captain.

“Like everyone else, I was taken completely by surprise when I learned about it. I was the vice-captain of the team. As a vice-captain, you gradually prepare yourself to take over as captain when the time comes. I didn’t expect it to come to me so quickly and under such difficult circumstances. The morning of the game, Virat (Kohli) approached me in the bus and told me, ‘My back is not feeling great, you might have to captain the team,”Rahul said this during a chat on the Red Bull Cricket Room, which was hosted by Clubhouse

My frame of mind did not alter significantly: KL Rahul

KL Rahul also said that his attitude did not alter when he was selected to captain the Indian team. Rahul further said that every player is his own captain and that when the title of ‘Captain’ is placed next to a player’s name, he gets a sense of pride. After his conversation, the right-handed batter expressed his gratitude for the chance that had been provided to him.

“It didn’t deter me from continuing. It didn’t significantly alter my perspective. When we play the game, we are all captains in our own right. We are all putting ourselves in circumstances where we would be captains if we had the opportunity to participate. When the letter ‘C’ appears beside your name, it represents a fresh start and something to be proud of. It is an honour that not many people get. It is something that you always dream about. I was overjoyed and appreciative,” KL Rahul expressed his gratitude.

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