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LCS 2022 Summer Live Stream, Format, Schedule

The LCS 2022 summer split is here, with 10 teams vying it out to improve their bid for the season-ending World Championships later this year.

LCS 2022 Summer Live Stream

The LCS 2022 summer live stream will be hosted on Twitch on the LCS’ official channel. There are also VODs or videos on demand available for users on Riot Games’ official League of Legends website.

LCS 2022 Summer Format

The North American pro League of Legends tournament will be a double round-robin competition, which basically means each team plays every other team twice. All of these matches will be best of one. That means that the first team to take the nexus will be the winner of that match. There will be no additional maps played until the playoffs.

The teams that finish in the top eight will qualify for the LCS Championship. The teams placed seventh and eighth will first face off in the lower bracket of round one. Teams placed third to sixth will face off in the upper bracket of round one. Teams that finish in the top two will get direct qualification to the upper bracket of the second round.

LCS 2022 Summer Schedule

The full LCS 2022 summer schedule can be seen on Riot Games’ League of Legends website. We have narrowed the filter down to just LCS for you.

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