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Ligue 1 Prize Money 2021: How Much Will The Winner Get?

Ligue 1 Prize Money 2021

The 2020–21 Ligue 1tournment is also known as Ligue 1, whereas for Uber Eats sponsorship reasons. It is a French association football event within Ligue 1. It is the 83rd edition since its founded. The season started on 21st August 2020 and was decided to end on 23rd May 2021. The league fixtures were to be announced on 9 July 2020. Ligue 1 is the highest league of French Football and constitutes the highest 5 best leagues across Europe. Check Ligue 1 Prize Money 2021: How Much Will The Winner Get?.

Before 1930 July, the National Council of the French Football Federation voted 128–20 in approval of its adoption. The organizer of French football league are Emmanuel Gambardella, Gabriel Hanot and Georges Bayrou. officially implemented in 1932. Paris Saint-Germain is the three-time defending champion, they were awarded the title for the last event following the league’s cancellation due to the COVID-19.

Changes In Team

Lorient and Lens were encouraged from the previous year 2019–20 Ligue 2. However, the French court at first had ruled the season had moved on with 22 teams the relegation of Amiens and Toulouse to the 2020–21 Ligue 2 was founded on 23rd June 2020, following a vote by the LFP.

Promoted to 2020–21 Ligue 1 Relegated from 2019–20 Ligue 1

Due to covid-19 situations, the finances have stuck everywhere. The French League is the worst-affected league. However, different other tournament who delayed their remaining fixtures of the 2019/20 season, Ligue1 decided to end the league midway and crowned PSG as champions.

However, The French league has suffered a loss of €1.3Billion in the ongoing season with PSG being the club with the most losses of 200 million euros. And to make it worse the league’s deal with Media Pro for broadcasting fell out after Media Pro failed to pay 172Million Euros. The total losses per team are €65 million.

2021 Ligue 1 Prize Money

The reward of Ligue 1 was around €579 million in past times years. But, however the estimated cost for the year 2021 would be lower than €579 million due to COVID-19 situation.

Clubs Ligue 1 Prize Money
PSG (Winners) €60 million
Lyon €48 million
Marseille €47 million
Saint- Etienne €40 million
Lille €38 million
Monaco €32 million
Dijon €19 million
Amiens €19 million


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