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Liverpool and Manchester City fight to sign the ‘sensational €127m rated youth player’ in 2023

Liverpool and Manchester City fight to sign the 'sensational €127m rated youth player' in 2023

Liverpool Transfer News: The midfielder at Barcelona, Gavi, has been linked to a transfer to Liverpool and Manchester City in recent weeks

Liverpool Transfer News: In light of La Liga’s refusal to recognize Gavi’s registration as a senior player at Barcelona, rumours have been circulating that he may be on the move. According to 90Minutes, Gavi is still technically a young player at Barcelona until his new contract as an adult player is properly registered.

In this case, Gavi’s youth contract with Barcelona will expire in June, allowing him to depart the club for free. Moreover, other top clubs, including Liverpool and Manchester City, have been mentioned as possible destinations for the gifted midfielder.

On the other hand, Gavi is hesitant to leave Barcelona. Moreover, the Spanish international has stated his desire to remain at his youth club, which is a significant disappointment to Liverpool and Manchester City.

Liverpool Transfer News: Will thee Reds gets Gavi?

Liverpool and Manchester City fight to sign the 'sensational €127m rated youth player' in 2023

Gavi is one of the best young footballers in the world. He has the potential to become an elite player at the international level. The likes of Liverpool and Manchester City would have benefited greatly from having a player of his calibre on their roster.

Liverpool must strengthen their midfield immediately by adding players of high quality and depth. If they could have signed the 18-year-old, they would have made a great long-term investment. Several Reds players will become free agents after the season. The team will likely have to replace many of them. Veteran contributors like Jordan Henderson and Fabinho have taken major steps back.

Will Manchester City get him?

Manchester City, on the other side, will need to find replacements for stars like Ilkay Gundogan. When his contract with the Premier League club ends in the summer, the German international will be leaving. Moreover, it’s possible that both teams would have had a long-term interest in the 18-year-old Barcelona sensation.

Yet this is fantastic news for Barcelona, who will not be losing a promising young player this summer. Gavi is one of the top young players in the world. He’ll be trying to reach his full potential in the future seasons by playing regularly for Barcelona. The Spanish club would have been devastated if they had lost him for nothing.

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