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Manchester United Shares Update On Victor Lindelof After The Swede Had Breathing Issues Against Norwich City

Victor Lindelof

During Manchester United’s outing against Norwich City, around the 74th minute, Victor Lindelof was seen signalling to the bench that he will not be able to continue. Even though it was not clear about what exactly unspooled, it was later divulged that he was unable to catch his breath and had breathing difficulties.

Victor Lindelof is undergoing tests and investigations into the cause of the breathing difficulties but the latest reports suggest that this episode is not linked to Covid 19.

There was uncertainty whether Lindelof could have been a part of Manchester United’s clash against Brentford however, the match was postponed due to a Covid outbreak in the club that is said to have affected a few members of the staff.

This is what Manchester United had to say about Victor Lindelof

Victor Lindelof Photo source: We All Follow United

The club’s official statement said, “Victor is currently undergoing a series of precautionary investigations.” It also quoted, “However, he has recovered well from the episode he experienced in the match against Norwich.” It concluded by saying, “All indications are that this is not linked to any COVID outbreak within the club.”

The club quoted in its statement that a few players and staff have tested positive for the virus and the players affected by the virus are reportedly a part of the first team. This information arrived one day after they thumped Norwich City on Sunday.

The positive results were corroborated after the PCR tests came forth with the reports. The ones who have tested positive for the virus are currently isolated.

Lindelof’s wife, Maja has stated that the Swedish captain has been given a heart monitor to supervise a few details that would highlight the cause of the sudden breathing problems that he had to face on Sunday.

In a blog that was posted on Monday, she quoted, “It was a scary match to watch and Victor was very concerned afterward. Yesterday he did a lot of tests and has a heart monitor on for two days to make sure everything is OK. Everything seems to be OK as luck would have it and we are waiting for answers to the last tests that will end tomorrow.”

Even though Ralf Rangnick gave a positive update on Victor Lindelof, David De Gea confessed that the incident of Christian Eriksen and Sergio Aguero, both of whom have been sidelined with heart issues. All of this unspooled in the wake of an imminent retirement announcement from Sergio Aguero.

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