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Premier League 2021-22 Start Date: Fixtures & Schedule

The Premier League is the most professional football league and one of the thrilling leagues in the world. There is a surprise for all football fans, especially for the experts of the English Premier League (EPL). The 2021–22 English Premier League will be the 30th season of the Premier League; however, it is one of the famous English professional leagues for football clubs since1992. It was founded as the’ FA Premier League on 20 February 1992. Check Premier League 2021-22 Start Date: Fixtures & Schedule.

Moreover, the occurring season of the EPL, 2020-21 event is near its final stage as the majority of the clubs have played at least 33 matches and only 5 matchdays are left to finish off this season 2020-21. The league was postponed due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation; which had resulted in a delayed limitation to the season 2019-20.

Premier League 2021-22 Start Date & Fixtures

The Premier League; is often mentioned unknowingly as the English Premier League or the EPL. The 2021-22 Premier League season will commence on 14 August 2021. The final match of the tournament will kick off on 22 May 2022; when all matches will get off simultaneously. Moreover; the 2021-22 season will review 20 teams- top 17 teams from the ongoing season and 3 promoted teams from the Championship.

The fixtures of Premier League are, however, set to be published on Wednesday,16th June 2021.

English Premier League 2021-22 Key Schedule

Sr No Date League 
14th August 201 EPL Start Date 
22nd May 2021 EPL End Date 
16th June 2021 EPL Fixtures Release Date 

English Premier League 2021-22: Teams

The Premier League 2021-22 season will aspect the 20 teams together; however out of which only the top 17 teams from the ongoing season and 3 promoted teams from the Championship. Norwich City has returned back into the English Premier League, however; after winning the Championship. The teams upgraded so far are Norwich City and Watford, they both have returned to the top flight after a year’s absence. As of 22nd April 2021, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Everton, Arsenal, Leeds United, Liverpool, Manchester City & United, Leicester City, Tottenham Hotspur, and West Ham United have promised their places in the league 2021-22.

Below listed are the team and Venue of the upcoming English Premier League 2021-22

Arsenal London  
Aston Villa Birmingham 
Chelsea London  
Everton Liverpool  
Leeds United Leeds 
Leicester City Leicester 
Liverpool Liverpool  
Manchester City Manchester 
Manchester United Manchester 
Norwich City Norwich 
Tottenham Hotspur London  
Watford Watford 
West Ham United London  

Ongoing EPL Season 2020-21

The ongoing season is the 29th edition of the English Premier League. This season was initially decided to schedule for the 8th of August 2020 however; it was postponed due to COVID-19 situation. On 23 May, the final matches of the 2020-21 season and all the games will get off.

1st club to be banished this season was Sheffield United. However, as the 1-0 defeat against Wolves. The top 4 positions fight is getting excited day by day.

Moreover, both the Manchester clubs are about to end as the top two teams, however third and the fourth positions are yet to be decided. Similarly; West Ham Leicester, Liverpool, Chelsea will combat, out for the remaining two positions left out.

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