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Top 10 Sports Betting Sites in India

Top 10 Sports Betting Sites in India

Sports betting means predicting the outcome or result of a sport and making money out of it. The frequency of sports bets varies by Culture, In India mostly the bets are placed on Cricket, Kabaddi, Football, Hockey, Tennis, etc. Check Top 10 Sports Betting Sites in India.

Sports Betting in India is older than what we think. Some say that it traces back to the Ramayana times where boards like that of chess and dice were used. It wasn’t considered Taboo or a bad practice back then. The view about gambling changed during the Mahabharata times.

In rural areas where online betting is not so famous, people place bets in local games. One of the examples is the famous Cock Fight of Southern India, where two cocks fight with each other with blades attached to their legs and people bet their money on which one will win.

Sports on Indians Bet

  • Cricket– Betting on Cricket is most common type of Betting. Players Bet on their favourite teams, players, results of the match, etc.
  • Football– Bets on placed on players who will score more goals, teams, top performer, etc.
  • Kabaddi– Bets are placed on best raider, defender, scores, match winner, etc.
  • Horse Racing– Bets are placed on final position of the horse, that is on what position will the horse end up. This is one of the oldest and most famous type of betting.

10 Sports Betting Sites in India

Here are some top sites that may help you if you are thinking of trying your luck in Sports Betting:

5Spin Sports9/10

Some Perks of Using these Sites:

  • They give huge sign up bonuses and gifts to new players to maintain a good reputation in the market.
  • They accept UPI, phonepe, gpay, etc as method of deposits which is very convenient for Indians.
  • As Crypto currency is trending now a days, many sites even accept Bitcoins as method of payments.
  • They provide with live scores, some sites even live telecast the matches, stats and scores of previous matches and even suggest best options.
  • Some sites cover local Leagues, which is a bonus for many as there is comparatively less competition and chances of winning is high.

Legality of Betting in India

The legality of Betting is a matter of confusion in India as there is not a central law that prohibits or bans the practice of betting. In some states like Goa, Betting is legal whereas in some states betting is illegal and strict actions are taken again those who are found practicing this.

Popularity of Betting in India

The Gambling Industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Gambling has been a part of Indian Culture for a long time and over recent years, due to the popularity of various sports among Indians, betting is becoming even more Popular.

One of the major factors that contribute to the growing trend of Betting is the time Indians spend on using Phones. Most of these sites are Mobile Phone friendly and hence are able to attract the majority of people. The Navigations are also easy and people can earn money by watching and guessing about their favorite sport.

Arcade games and Casinos are also becoming popular these days. Those who don’t follow sports bet their money on casinos and arcade games. These games are fun to play and require a little bit of luck with a few skills.

No doubt that one day the Gambling industry will become one of the biggest industries in the country.

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