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Super Bowl 2022 Prize Money: How Much Money Do Winners & Receive?

Super Bowl 2022 Prize Money: How Much Money Do Winners & Receive?

Super Bowl 2022 will be the 56th annual finals National Football League to be held in the USA. It is scheduled for February 2022, held at Sofi Stadium, in Inglewood, California. Super Bowl 2021 was held on 7th February 2021, at Raymond James Stadium, Tampa Florida. This is going to be the Eighth Super Bowl to be held in Greater Los Angeles Area. The winner of the NFL receives a Vince Lombardi Trophy. Check Super Bowl 2022 Prize Money: How Much Money Do Winners & Receive?.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers had won the Super bowl 2021 season, against Kansas City Chiefs. The score was 31-9, making a clean sweep to win the trophy. For the first time, a team had won the trophy in their home city. Along with the title Tampa Bay Buccaneers earned a hefty amount for winning the championship.

Super Bowl 2022 Prize Money

Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl 2021 thus winning the trophy and a sum of $130,000 was earned by each player. Whereas, the runner-up Kansas Chiefs also were rewarded $65,000 per player. let’s view the breakdown of the prize money for the NFL.

Category Prize Money
Division Winner Wild Card$33,000
Other Wild Cards$30,000
Conf. Championship$59,000
Super BowlWinning Team – $130,000
Losing Team – $65,000

Peoples Favorite, Winners, Losers of NFL All Seasons

Seven franchises have won consecutive Super Bowls, one of which (Pittsburgh) has accomplished twice. The most successful team in NFL is the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots winning 6 titles. Followed by,

  • Green Bay Packers (Super Bowls I and II)
  • Miami Dolphins (VII and VIII)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (twice: IX and X; XIII and XIV)
  • San Francisco 49ers (XXIII and XXIV)
  • Dallas Cowboys (XXVII and XXVIII)
  • Denver Broncos (XXXII and XXXIII)
  • New England Patriots (XXXVIII and XXXIX)

Three franchises have lost consecutive Super Bowls:

  • Buffalo Bills (4) (Super Bowls XXV, XXVI, XXVII, and XXVIII) – they were the only team who had appeared in all four seasons, unfortunately lost consecutively,
  • Minnesota Vikings (2) (VIII and IX) – They also lost Super Bowl XI, and were knocked out of the 1975–76 playoffs by the eventual Super Bowl X losers, the Dallas Cowboys.
  • Denver Broncos (2) (XXI and XXII) – They also lost Super Bowl XXIV, but did not qualify for the 1988–89 playoffs for Super Bowl XXIII for three losses in four seasons.
Most Valuable Player

Ottis Anderson was the first to win the trophy. The most recent Super Bowl held on February 7, 2021, is Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. Tom Brady is the only player in the history of Super Bowls winning the MVP title five times. He has already been awarded a sum of $1.75 million as a bonus fee. The MVP is always awarded to the player from the winning team of that season.

LIVE Broadcast and Tickets for NFL 2022

The Viewers, NFL fans can view the upcoming Super Bowl 2022 live on the NBC channel. The channel has the broadcasting rights for the same. The schedule for the game has not yet been declared yet. However, people to wish to watch the game live from the stadium can check the official website for booking tickets.

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