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‘This year has been a return of Sri Lankan players in the IPL’ – Twitterati impressed by Matheesha Pathirana debut for CSK

Matheesha Pathirana, 19-year-old pacer from Sri Lanka impressed on his IPL debut for the Chennai Super Kings. He took two wickets in their against the Gujarat Titans in their square-off on Sunday afternoon, while conceding 15 runs.

Though the Titans eased to their 133 run target in seventeen overs, Pathirana was responsible for two of the three wickets that fell in their innings. Not only did he make an immediate impact, but the two wickets were those of celebrated Indian batters and GT’s most pivotal  Hardik Pandya and Shubman Gill.

Pathirana, with his round-arm slinging action has been compared to his countryman , the legendary Lasith Malinga. He took the wicket of Shubman Gill with his first over ball in IPL. Gill had knocked the ball around for his 18 runs, and faced 16 balls at a strikerate of 108. He was completely beaten for pace first ball of Pathirana’s over, and it struck him plumb on the pad.

The Titans reviewed, but Snicko showed the ball hit pad first and Gill had to go. Hardik Pandya was Pathirana’s next scalp of the day, and he too was removed off the first ball of the over. It was a full offcutter that did Pandya in, he played early and got a leading edge to Shivam Dube at mid-off.

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