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‘You don’t need a title or a position’ – Rishabh Pant is always ready to pass on his learnings

"You Don't Need A Title Or A Position"-Rishabh Pant Is Always Ready To Pass On His Advice

Rishabh Pant has emerged as one of the most crucial parts of the Indian cricket squad. He has a bright future ahead of him. Aside from that, the effervescent wicketkeeper-batter has opened up on whether the burden of being an integral part of the senior leadership group has resulted in any consistency in his approach to the game.

Pant added that he was appointed as the vice-captain of the Indian team, and that sometimes the responsibility that comes with that position brings consistency with it. The left-hander also made it plain that the only thing he can control as a cricketer is his ability to perform at his very best on the field.

‘It does happen from time to time. For a few games, they elevated me to the position of vice-captain. But giving my 200 percent as a player is the only thing under my control,’ Rishabh Pant said in an interview with the Times of India.

Rishabh Pant believes it’s his responsibility to assist others

Rishabh Pant further said that, as a member of the Indian team’s leadership group, he would constantly look out for others in his immediate vicinity. Pant went on to say that he does not need a formal designation to assist his colleagues on the Indian squad and that this assistance might include anything from assisting a bowler to assisting the captain in setting the field.

‘As a member of the leadership group, I was expected to give my all every day and to assist others around me. It might be supporting a bowler or assisting Rohit Bhai in positioning a fielder in a certain position. You don’t need a title or a position to assist your friends,’ Rishabh Pant said.

During the 2022 season of the Indian Premier League, Rishabh Pant will be seen leading the Delhi Capitals (DC) team. The Delhi Capitals (DC) will play their first match of the IPL on March 27, 2022, against the Mumbai Indians (MI), who have won the event five times. The match will take place at the Brabourne Stadium in the city of Mumbai. The Delhi Capitals have yet to win an IPL championship, and they will be aiming for their first IPL trophy this year if they are to make history.

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